Our Staff

When you come in we will be here to meet and serve you. We will do our best to give you and your pet the best service we can.



One of the first people you will meet when you visit our clinic is Candy Stanly.  She is one of the girls behind the front desk when you open the door.  She is a receptionist/clerk and has been with us for five years.  Dedicated to her job, she is very knowledgeable about cats, dogs, flea treatment, and explaining how to use various medications.  I find her to be very thorough and very good with our clients.
Candy was born in Washington DC but lived in many different locations, such as Okinawa and California because her father was in the Air Force.  Her family includes her brother Russ, daughter Donna, son-in-law Dwayne, grandson Dillon, and mother Adelyn.  In her spare time, she enjoys reading and gardening.  She also enjoys taking care of her dogs and cats.
When asked what she would do if she were given $1,000.000, she replied that she would donate part of it to the Humanitarians and take care of her family with the rest.
Candy is a very dependable employee and isn’t afraid of work.  Sometimes when we are extremely busy, she must multitask by checking clients out, answering the phone, dealing with money, explaining various medications, and making appointments for surgery. (Plus much more)  Talking to people about their pets is the favorite part of her job.  We are truly lucky to have Candy as an employee!


Kate Butterworth

Sometimes you will see Kate behind the front desk when you first come in the clinic.  Sometimes she will be back in the clinic invoicing clients’ paperwork or helping in the shot clinic.  In other words, she does a lot of things well.  She is also great at fostering cats, and sometimes she can’t let a foster go, and the lucky cat finds a good home.
Kate has been with the Humanitarians of Florida for three years and also serves on the Board of Directors as recording secretary.  She enjoys interacting with and helping clients and staff and also helping our furry patients.
She was born in Gainesville, Florida but was raised in Memphis, Tennessee.  She will be married ten years in May to her wonderful husband Tim.  She has three stepchildren that she considers her own, and Kate and Tim have a son Colton together.
When Kate isn’t working, she enjoys relaxing with a cup of coffee and the news of the day.  She loves taking pictures, which you can find on Facebook, reading, and spending time with her family and pets.  She is really into fish and you can tell that by the beautiful aquarium she has at her home.
I hope you will have the opportunity to meet Kate.  She is a woman with a big heart for her clients and their pets.